What does an exam of polygraph consist of?

lie detector test leeds (6)Testing is normally conducted in a friendly, relaxed and professional manner and with a consideration of your needs and sensitivity of issue to be resolved, which usually comes from forty years of experience as an interviewer and investigator. Examinee isn’t taking polygraph “test”. That’s an examination by polygraph examiner for an expert of lie detector test leeds. Examinee will talk and meet with test take for about 2 hours, up to 2 and 1 and ½ hours before actual exam. Whole procedure is audio and video taped. Examiner will need to see the valid photo ID. Examinee will just be connected to instrument components for fifteen to twenty minutes each phase of the test. No one else would be in room at any particular time.During pretest interview examiner will ensure examinee is submitting to an exam voluntarily. He will explain procedure, gradually, in detail. He’ll also explain instrument, how it actually works, and basic theory behind it & would answer all questions examinee has, in a relaxed and quiet setting.

Discussion will cover psychology, physiology, autonomic nervous system and fight or FS (flight syndrome) and numerous other factors. Then there’ll be a multi-page questionnaire on health &related issues to ensure person could be tested. There are few individuals, for an extensive diversity of reasons, aren’t good candidates for polygraph.Once completed, an examiner will discuss a particular issue at hand in detail with subject, to get subject’s side of a story or anything subject wishes to discuss. Together they’ll formulate questions and go over every one. There’ll be no surprises.Questions need just a “yes” or “no” for the answer.

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